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About Us

Our History

Champions was founded in 2008 by a diverse group of educators with various education backgrounds; Educational Counseling, Special Education, and Education Administration. This group currently make up their governing board. 

 Champions was created with the intention of fulfilling a need for the Charter School community in Southern California. In 2009, Champions was featured in the Charter News, which is a statewide publication for the Charter School Community. 

Champion's mission is to provide Charter Schools in Southern California and nationwide with excellent high quality Special Education Services in an affordable and flexible way.  We provide special education and other services to charter schools via on-site, virtually/online, and for Home Based students. 

We have an excellent staff who we depend on to collaborate with parents, teachers and administrators to help students with their specific learning disabilities, and social emotional deficits.  Overall student achievement is at the top of our list for all students wanting to learn and improve.

At Champions, providing the best services for students is our number one priority, in addition to keeping schools in compliance!